Hither & Thither: Developing a Story

So, these past couple of weeks have been a bit hectic, but I have been able to work a bit on the short story.

As it turns out, the idea for my story came from a world building discussion I had a couple months ago. We were discussing a particular aspect of how one of my races, people who can manipulate fire, interact with various people outside of their race. Part of this conversation focus on merchant groups and what stories people might have created about these mysterious individuals.

The basic premise I am currently following is essentially drawing from this: The race of fire manipulators, called the Aventiga, keeps their powers hidden from outsiders, but legends and tales of the mythical beings still surround the race. When curiosity leads a boy into their world, a spark is ignited. Where that spark leads only time will tell.

I’m working to iron out some of the particulars. There are a few days left to submit my story to the contest. I will be updating presently with the progress of my story.

What do you all think of this idea? I’d appreciate any input during the writing of this story. Thanks for reading!


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