Hither & Thither: On Entering the Writing Contest

I recently received an invitation on Twitter to join a fantasy writing contest put on by Inkitt called “Hither & Thither.” As I read more about it, I decided that it might be an interesting project, as I have never done much with writing for a contest or anything. After reading a couple stories that people have submitted already, it seemed as though it might be worthwhile to throw my hat in the ring. In addition to writing the story, I will keep a running log of the development of the writing process for such a story.

The contest began 13 Jul 2015 and will run through 10 Aug 2015. During the next few days, I intend to write a story set in the same world as my novels, though I am not yet sure what the topic shall be. I have had a few aspects of my books that I could flesh out in this story, so the options are plentiful at moment before writing in which anything can happen. A certain thrill comes with the knowledge that this story can take place anywhere, follow any characters, with no restrictions on what can happen.

I would like for you all to join me here at the dawn of a new story. I will be posting updates as they arise.

P.S.- For those who are interested, Inkitt is also currently running a horror writing contest, “End Game,” in the 13 Jul 2015 – 10 Aug 2015 time frame, and a sci-fi writing contest, “Beyond Time,” in the 22 Jun 2015 – 27 Jul 2015 time frame.


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